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Term: Winter 2024
Date: January 2-15, 2024
Credits: 3

Program Cost: $3,740 for NJ residents; $4,150 for Non-NJ residents 
Cost includes tuition, hotel housing, most meals, excursions, emergency medical access abroad and administrative fees.
Cost excludes airfare.


The course Lifestyles of the Mediterranean aims to introduce the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle patter to students of the modern era, through observing traditional practices and undertaking experiential activities. Students will have the opportunity not only to study but also to observe and experience the concept of the Mediterranean lifestyle in Greece, where this traditional lifestyle pattern has been implemented for thousands of years.

The course combines theoretical lectures, field trips, excursions and interactive educational activities to cover the fundamental principles and components of the Mediterranean lifestyle, i.e., the adoption of the Mediterranean diet, the promotion of a physically active lifestyle, and other lifestyle habits that have been found beneficial for health.

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Faculty Director Profile

Dr. Sidossis is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health. He is a native of Greece and has spent the past 30 years researching the role of lifestyle factors i.e. diet and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of various diseases including obesity, insulin resistance and dyslipidemias.

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