The Tour

Picture1 3dc9bCome join us for a private hop-on hop-off cultural and historical bus tour in Athens.Race across the first Olympic Stadium in history, hike to gorgeous views, all the while enjoying the tallest ice cream cone in the area! 







Picture2 daea7Partner with local non-profit organizations in Greece and give back. Enjoy a guided tour of the center and its plantations and gardens. Learn about sustainable food production and the healthy Mediterranean diet. Engage in collective culinary activities and contribute to a better future for vulnerable social groups.






Picture3 3955cExplore "Monastiraki" square on foot and receive a guided tour of the Varvakios central food market and a "laiki" open market. Shop for fresh ingredients. Cook a delicious and healthy rooftop meal at the "Museum of Greek Gastronomy".







Picture4 1710fAcropolis. In Greek, the word means “high” (acro) “city” (polis).Take the metro to the famous Acropolis museum in Athens and enjoy an exclusive guided tour. To top it off, discover the historical monument of Parthenon and enjoy the gorgeous view from the "highest" point of the "city".





Picture5 727baTake a detour from Athens to Argos and visit the gorgeous "Skouras" winery. Learn about the different grape qualities, witness a demo of the production of the finest wine in the land, deep dive into maturation and bottling of wine and enjoy a wine tasting.








Picture6 e08e5Spend the second half of the trip in picturesque Nafplio. Breathtaking views, gorgeous blue waters and streets chock full of different types of cuisines best describe the beautiful area. Get your hiking on. Explore local geology and wild flora. Rest up on the warm sandy beaches and enjoy an early morning swim. 





Picture7 036f4Travel from Nafplio to Ligourio to visit the "Olive Oil Domain". Receive an exclusive demo of olive oil production, learn about the different qualities, and enjoy an olive oil tasting after! 








Picture8 acde0Hop on the course bus for an archaeological site visit. Explore the ancient theater of Epidaurus and the Sanctuary of Asklepios.








Picture9 caa49Wake up and climb up to the top of the Palimidi Fortress and enjoy the scenic view.







Picture10 57249Get your dancing shoes on. Take folklore dance lessons with only the best, become an expert in a day!








Picture11 66967Travel from Nafplio to Tolo. Visit the island of Romvi by boat, learn traditional fish netting, hike, swim and get active!