• Mediterranean Diet

    The term “Mediterranean Diet” usually refers to the dietary pattern met in Mediterranean’s populations around 1950s and 1960s. These dietary habits attracted much interest because people following them had extremely low rates of coronary heart

  • Physical Activity

    Physical activity wasn’t always including the events, sports and purposes as it has in our days. Exercising started as an instinct of people in order to survive either by hunting their pray or to get away from their hunters. Early humans had

  • Sleep Habits and Relaxation Techniques

    Sleep Habits

    Sleep is one of our basic needs such as eating and breathing and this is why it is so important for human’s health and well-being. This agrees with the fact that sleep is regulated by powerful internal stimulants like overwhelming

  • Social Life

    Socialization is a continuous and lifelong process starting from birth. It is characterized by the inheritance and dissemination of rules, customs and beliefs, which are essential for an individual in order to be an active member of his society. So