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Welcome to the cultural, lifestyle and scientific heart of the Mediterranean! ​

The Mediterranean lifestyle is not just a simple collection of dietary and physical activity habits and practices. It is a sustainable way of living, a cluster of social, cultural, religious and other aspects of life that have been implemented in the countries of the Mediterranean region since antiquity.

The Lifestyle Science Study Abroad Initiative embraces a large number of diverse, experiential courses and activities offered in Greece. The goal is to increase participants’ knowledge regarding the history, evolution and principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and to provide them skills that will enable them to implement this beneficial lifestyle in their everyday lives. The courses take place in Greece, known as the country of origin of the Mediterranean diet the cradle of Western civilization.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the Healthy Lifestyles Study Abroad Initiative and study, observe, taste, smell, experience and enjoy all aspects of the Mediterranean lifestyle, through high-quality academic courses, incorporating theoretical lectures, discussion sessions, as well as numerous exciting experiential activities, field trips and excursions!


Applications for the Winter Study Abroad Program are open! Seize the opportunity and don't miss this once in a lifetime hands-on experience in exploring the "Lifestyles of the Mediterranean." Touch, Smell, Taste, Be Involved! Find out more here.

Terra Dotta hosts an article about the most desired faculty-led Study Abroad programs and the ones provided by the Department of Kinesiology and Health could not be missed! Read the full article here and learn about Professor Sidossis' vision regarding international education and his contribution to the expansion of Study Abroad programs at Rutgers.

Winter 2018 Programs

  • Lifestyles of the Mediterranean - Winter

    Term:  Winter
    Date:  January 2-15, 2018
    Credits: 3

    The course Lifestyles of the Mediterranean aims to introduce the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle patter to students of the modern era, through observing traditional practices and undertaking experiential activities. Students will have the opportunity not only to study but also to observe and experience the concept of the Mediterranean

    ...

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