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Welcome to the cultural, lifestyle and scientific heart of the Mediterranean! ​

The Mediterranean lifestyle is not just a simple collection of dietary and physical activity habits and practices. It is a sustainable way of living, a cluster of social, cultural, religious and other aspects of life that have been implemented in the countries of the Mediterranean region since antiquity.

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Labros Sidossis, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Kinesiology and Health
Professor, Department of Medicine, RWJ Medical School

The Healthy Lifestyles Study Abroad Initiative embraces a large number of diverse, experiential courses and activities offered in Greece. The goal is to increase participants’ knowledge regarding the history, evolution and principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and to provide them skills that will enable them to implement this beneficial lifestyle in their everyday lives. The courses take place in Greece, known as the country of origin of the Mediterranean diet the cradle of Western civilization.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the Healthy Lifestyles Study Abroad Initiative and study, observe, taste, smell, experience and enjoy all aspects of the Mediterranean lifestyle, through high-quality academic courses, incorporating theoretical lectures, discussion sessions, as well as numerous exciting experiential activities, field trips and excursions!


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Summer 2017 Programs

  • Lifestyles of the Mediterranean - Summer

    Term: Summer 2017
    Date: May 16-29, 2017
    Credits: 3

    The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle, a cluster of habits and practices that have been associated with various health benefits, is the heritage of millennia of exchanges of people and cultures of all countries around the Mediterranean basin. With a view of spreading the core constituents of the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle and

    ...
  • Classic and Contemporary Approaches for Stress Management

    Term: Summer 2017
    Date: June 13-26, 2017
    Credits: 3

    “Stress” has become increasingly recognized as playing an important role in a number of diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and various psychiatric and neurological disorders. An increase in stress-related disorders is believed to be a byproduct of our modernized, industrialized, and urbanized lives. A number of

    ...
  • Exploring the Origins of the Mediterranean Diet in Crete Island

    Term: Summer 2017
    Date: July 11-31, 2017
    Credits: 6

    Diets adopted by the Mediterranean populations have been a subject of interest since antiquity, with more recent investigations demonstrating their numerous health benefits. The Rockefeller Foundation’s study in 1940s and the Seven Countries Study in 1950s both highlighted the Cretan diet as a palatable primarily plant-based dietary pattern

    ...

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